Penn Valley Junior Sports Association
Basketball Rules and Regulations

1 – Playing Time

Junior Boys (Grades 3/4):

Four 8-Minute running time quarters. The clock will stop on all free throws. The clock will also stop on all fouls and out of bounds plays in the last two minutes of each HALF and OVERTIME.

Senior (Grades 5/6) and Master Boys (Grades 7/8):

Four 8-Minute running time quarters. The clock will stop on all free throws. The clock will stop on every whistle in the last 2 minutes of the HALF, GAME, and OVERTIME. The clock will continue to run after a basket.

2 – Full Court Press And Defensive Formations

Junior Boys:

Only allowed last two minutes of the game and last two minutes of overtime.

Man defense only.

Senior Boys:

Allowed last four minutes of each half and the entire overtime. Man defense only for first two weeks of the season.

Master Boys:

No Restrictions

3 – Lane Violations

Junior Boys:

5 Seconds

Senior Boys:

4 Seconds

Master Boys:

3 Seconds

4 – 3 Point Shots

Junior Boys:


Senior/Master Boys:


5 – Overtime

If score is tied at the end of regulation play a 4-minute overtime period will then be played. If score is tied at the end of overtime period a second overtime period will then be played. If score is tied at the end of the second overtime period, than a third period will be played with the first team to score being declared the winner. Team and Personal Fouls Carry into Overtime. Each team gets one timeout per overtime period and timeouts from regulation do not carry over.

6 – Substitutions

Clock will be stopped approximately mid-way through each quarter (including overtime) to allow substitutions. This is the only time substitutions may be made. All starters must report to the scorers table before each quarter and at the substitution time out. ALL PLAYERS MUST PLAY HALF OF EVERY QUARTER (except overtime when substitutions are at coaches discretion). No player will be permitted to play more than six (out of a possible eight) sessions during regulation time unless only 5 or 6 players are in attendance.

If 6 players are in attendance, each player must sit at least once. No player may sit twice before any player sits once. No player may sit 3 times.

However, if one team has 7 or more players and is playing against a team with 5 or 6 players, the team with 7 or more player may have ONE player match the same amount of playing sessions as the best player on the team with 5 or 6 players. The best player is defined as the person playing the most amount of sessions.

Coaches that do not follow these substitution rules are subject to expulsion from the league.

7 – Uniforms

As provided. All team players must be wearing league-issued game jersey and shorts to participate. This rule will be strictly enforced.

8 – All Star Selections

At the end of each game the scorekeeper and refs will select 2 stars of the game from each team. At the end of the season votes will be totaled with 2 players per team being chosen in all leagues for all-star activities.

9 – Fouls

A player is disqualified from the game on the fifth foul. A team will go to the foul line on the opposing teams’ seventh foul in each half to shoot “one and one.” On a team’s tenth foul of a half, the opposing team will get two shots. Coaches may not make special substitutions for players in foul trouble.

10 – Time Outs

Two per half (First half timeouts may not be carried over). One timeout per overtime session. Timeouts from regulation or previous overtime session do not carry over.

11 – Cancellations

For practices, if Lower Merion schools are closed for any reason, at any time during a school day, then practices are cancelled that evening and will not be rescheduled. Regarding games, only league officials have the authority to cancel or change games. We will be in contact with the school district to determine if the schools can be opened on weekends. Check with our website: ( for information.

12 – Forfeits

Teams must begin a game with no less than four rostered players on the floor. During the course of a game, if due to disqualification or injury, a team may play with as few as three players on the floor. Fewer than three available players will result in a forfeit. Teams may not recruit non-rostered players to avoid a forfeit.

Games are to begin promptly at their specified time. If a team is not prepared to play fifteen minutes following the scheduled start time, the result will be a forfeit.

All Stars will not be selected from either team from a forfeited game. Referees are not required to officiate forfeited games.

13 – Misc

The referees are permitted to make special rule accommodations if required by the gym. For example if a seniors or masters team must play in a gym with no 3 point line, there will be no 3-pointers that game. Other gyms may have issues with out of bounds lines and the referee may make accommodations to make sure there are no disadvantages.

14 – Etiquette


15 – Playoffs

Formats to be announced per division.

If there are ties in the standings after the game schedule has been completed, the following procedures shall determine team rankings.

In the below tie breakers, if one of the tie breakers can make it so that Head to Head can be used again, that will be applied before going to the next tie breaker scenario.

If 2 teams are tied:

Head to head competition (if applicable)
Record against common opponents (if applicable)
Fewest defensive points allowed
Coin Flip

If 3 or more teams are tied:

Head to head competition (used if all three teams have played one another)
Record against common opponents (if applicable)
Fewest defensive points allowed
Coin Flip (Each of the teams will draw a number out of a hat. There will be 2 number ones and 1 number 2 – the team pulling the number 2 is eliminated. In the case that two teams need to be eliminated, the team drawing number 2 advances.

16 – Trash and Lost Clothing

It is expected that each gym will be left cleaner than when we arrived. All coaches are requested to direct their players to clean up after each game and make sure that they leave with every article of clothing that they brought with them. We will not keep a lost and found, any article of clothing left in a gym will be taken to that school’s lost and found.


Under no circumstances are food and beverages permitted in any gymnasium. This includes pre and post game snacks for players, and any food which spectators may bring with them. Sodas and juices are also strictly prohibited, because they can ruin the gymnasium floors. We are, again, on continual probation from the school district because of incidents by careless spectators whose food and beverage ruined the floor in one of our gyms.